The First Week With Your Puppy!

How to help your puppy feel safe and secure in their new home, and start building the relationship you want

Course Summary

The right approach in your very first week can help your puppy feel safe and secure in their new home. A happy, secure puppy will sleep better, develop independence quicker, and find it easier to learn the things you need them to understand. We look at your home from your puppy's point of view, a protocol to help them to sleep through the night, the most efficient approach to housetraining, and teaching a first behaviour that will help build calmness and make socialisation SO much easier!

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Mavis Bird

Really good advice

You can trust Sarah to set you on the right path with your new puppy. Rosie is 9 weeks old and all these tips are so useful. I am just off to my sewing machine to make a “settle” mat. ?

1 year ago
Hannah Rollason

Absolutely brilliant!

I am so impressed with this course. It is pitched at just the right level and gives really good, practical advice that makes sense. I really like the way things are explained. I wish I had known about it just before we got our puppy! We have had our 8 week old lab pup for a week now and there are definitely things I would have done differently if I had known. Overall, I highly recommend enrolling.

1 year ago

Sarah Tweedle